Code of Ordinances


An ordinance is a law enacted by a local governing board. The Rolesville Town Code and Unified Development Ordinance are updated periodically to include new ordinances approved by the Town of Rolesville Board of Commissioners.

Ordinances that are adopted prior to a recodification are posted on this site until they are codified and incorporated into the Code. All ordinances are effective on the date of passage, unless otherwise noted or advised.

The codifier for the Town of Rolesville is Municipal Code Corporation. Approved amendments to the Town Code and Unified Development Ordinance made outside the codification window are effective upon adoption and may be viewed here

Text Amendments

The Town Code and Unified Development Ordinance must remain current and relevant. The Town Board of Commissioners authorizes changes to sections of the code through text amendments. The Town Board, Town staff, and members of the public can initiate these revisions. The Board reviews proposals