Text Amendments


The Town of Rolesville uses text amendments to update the Code of Ordinances. These updates can consist of additions, deletions, or alterations to the Town Code or the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). The Town Board of Commissioners, the Town staff, or the general public can initiate text amendments. The Town Board of Commissioners is responsible for holding public hearings for all text amendments.

Recent Cases

The following are recent text amendment cases. The list includes scheduled public hearing dates for pending cases and dates of adoption for approved cases.


TA 19-08 - UDO Article 3: Development Review and Approval Procedures and UDO Article 7: Overlay District Standards (TBA)

TA 19-02 - UDO Article 5: Use and Dimensional Standards (TBA)


TA 19-07 - UDO Article 10: Parking and Loading Requirements (11/4/2019)

TA 19-06 - UDO Article 6: Supplementary District Standards (10/1/2019)

TA 19-05 - Town Code Section 130.4: Unnecessary Noise (6/4/2019)

TA 19-04 - Town Code Chapter 93: Health and Sanitation; Nuisances (6/4/2019)

TA 19-03 - UDO Article 11: Sign Standards (8/6/2019)

TA 19-01 - UDO Article 9: Additional Development Standards (5/7/2019)