Marching Munchkins

Activity Name: Marching Munchkins

Description: Marching Munchkins will introduce children to percussion instruments, rhythms, and group music. Preschoolers will be learning while playing instruments, singing, and marching. Children will learn the sounds the different instruments make by mimicking rhythm patterns. Coordination and counting will be appreciated while marching in place and later in parade formation. Making "musical noise" is always a fun activity for kids! Registration required and space is limited to 15 participants. FREE TRIAL CLASS AT MAIN STREET PARK GAZEBO ON JUNE 29th FROM 10:00am – 10:30am.

Age: 2-5

Day: Tuesdays and Saturdays                                               

Date:            Tuesdays                                                          Saturdays

July 9th – July 30th  RCC                             August 3rd- August 24th MSP Gazebo

         September 3rd – September 24th RCC            October 12th – November 2nd MSP Gazebo

         November 5th – November 26th RCC              December 7th – December 28th RCC

Time: 10:00am – 10:45am

Fee: $100.00 resident, $115.00 non-resident

Location: Rolesville Community Center and Main Street Park Gazebo