Fire & EMS

For fire and medical emergency needs, the Town of Rolesville is serviced by the Rolesville Rural Fire Department (919-556-2064) and the Eastern Wake EMS (919-554-3315). These agencies are operated separately from the Town of Rolesville government. 

The Rolesville Rural Fire Department receives funding for its operations from the Town of Rolesville and Wake County. 

Financial Statements for Rolesville Rural Fire Department for FY2018-19

Financial Statements for Rolesville Rural Fire Department for FY2019-20


Rolesville Fire Department Encourages Use of Key Safes for the Elderly and Individuals with Access and Functional Needs

Firefighters often require rapid entry into homes of the elderly, special needs and hospice residents during a fire or medical emergency; minimizing property damage and avoiding costly repairs caused by their forced entry, is always a concern. A solution that provides firefighters with the access they need is available when vulnerable residents install a fire department approved key safe that provides safe and efficient entry, decreases response times and limits property damage. 

For more information, call 1-800-552-5669 or visit Knox Box.  Rolesville Fire Department will install your Homebox at your residence.