Rockin' Around Rolesville

Santa is coming to a neighborhood near you! Wave to Santa from a safe distance: your own driveway or your vehicle along the side of the road. See the tour map below for the route and approximate times.

Ways to track Santa during the tour:

1) You can track Santa live on Google Maps. On Saturday morning, we'll post a link HERE so you can track Santa through Rolesville.

PLEASE NOTE: The map will be LIVE but you will have to refresh it to get updates.


(This may mean closing out the app and clicking the link again. It will not constantly update the location. Santa Tracker is also subject to cell coverage so please be aware that the location may be slightly behind. We will do our best to keep Santa on the schedule noted below, (or slightly behind schedule) so no one misses him.

2) Find one of Santa's helpers, scattered throughout the neighborhoods. They will be wearing ELF hats and have a Rolesville badge. Santa's helpers can provide information for tracking Santa. (Please respect Santa's helpers and observe appropriate social distancing and wear face coverings when approaching them, thank you!)