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Wesley Pritzlaff's Summer Magic Program. This program aims to protect and improve mental health by promoting mental and emotional wellbeing during COVID-19 in the Rolesville, NC area through a six-week FREE and VIRTUAL sleight of hand magic course. The course consists of weekly education sessions to share about the role of magic in the human condition, technique and trick tutorial sessions to learn sleight of hand magic, and discussion sessions to explore the power of art during trying times. Summer Magic strives to forge new connections to foster belonging and community, inspire hope to cultivate optimism and ambition and practice mindfulness to reduce stress and increase contentedness. Registration for Summer Magic is open through Friday, June 12! To learn more about Summer Magic, visit https://summermagic.me/ or search for summermagic.me on Facebook and Instagram.

NC Zoo EDventures
Facebook series on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 10 am

Cincinnati Zoo - Home Safari

Marble Kids Museum - Daily Dose of Play!

NC Museum of Life and Science - Life and Science at Home

The National Wildlife Federation - Ranger Rick

Let NASA bring the universe into your home
Access Mars

American Dairy Association - Virtual Farms Tours

Mad Science - At Home Experiments

Discovery Education - Virtual Field Trips

Wake County
Story Time
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