Adopted Plans

The Planning Department is responsible for the Town’s long-range planning efforts, including studies of existing conditions and preparations for the future.

Rolesville Parks and Recreation Master Plan (2019)

The Rolesville Parks and Recreation Master Plan is designed to guide the Town during the next 10 years of growth, addressing parkland and facilities, programming, finances, and operations.

Rolesville Comprehensive Plan (2017)

The Comprehensive Plan contains future land use, transportation, open space, and housing policies. In the face of rapid growth, the Town uses these measures to guide cohesive development

Main Street Vision Plan (2018)

The Main Street Vision Plan was a joint effort by the Town of Rolesville and Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) to lay the foundation for the future of Main Street.

Economic Development Strategic Plan (2018)

Rolesville is committed to promoting a healthy business climate. The Economic Development Strategic Plan identifies existing conditions and areas of economic potential for the Town.

Wake County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (2015)

Resilience in natural disaster scenarios is important to the community. This county-wide document provides practical approaches to prevent and manage risk situations.

Comprehensive Bicycle Plan (2013)

The purpose of the Comprehensive Bicycle Plan is to improve roadway conditions so that people can enjoy the many benefits of cycling.

Open Space and Greenway Plan (2002)

The Open Space and Greenway Plan specifies the locations of future parks and trails through Rolesville.

Thoroughfare Plan (2002)

This plan outlines infrastructure projects to improve the connectivity and quality of local roadways.