Granite Falls Boulevard Extension


Construction Begins
Completed: Jan 21, 2019
January 2019
Blasting and Utility Installation
Completed: Apr 4, 2019
Winter 2019
Completed: May 16, 2019
Spring 2019
Road Construction
Completed: Jul 15, 2019
Summer 2019
Traffic Light Installation
Completed: Jul 26, 2019
Fall 2019

This $2.02 million project will construct a quarter-mile extension of Granite Falls Boulevard between Rogers Road and Grand Rock Way. There will be one lane of travel in each direction, and sidewalks will be installed on both sides of the road.

Project designs include bicycle lanes for each side of the new roadway. The existing portion of Granite Falls Boulevard between Rogers Road and West Young Street will be re-striped to remove the center turn lane and add bicycle lanes. This plan is in keeping with the Town’s adopted Bicycle Plan.

At the completion of the project, a traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Rogers Road and Granite Falls Boulevard.

This additional road segment and traffic signal will improve traffic circulation in the immediate area. This project is also part of a long-term plan to improve road connectivity within the Town by extending Granite Falls Boulevard from West Young Street to Burlington Mills Road.


Since the majority of the project is occurring on new right-of-way, minimal impact is expected to traffic on Rogers Road. These impacts are most likely to occur during utility work and as the two roadways are connected.

The contractor’s workdays will begin at 7am. To keep the project on schedule, expect crews on site Monday through Saturday, weather permitting.

The site contains several large rock formations, and blasting will be necessary as part of this project. Notice will be provided to residents and businesses in immediately surrounding structures.


Construction on the site will begin Monday, January 21. The project is expected to be complete by late June. Weather delays may extend the time needed to complete the project.


Project Updates

Granite Falls Boulevard August Update
Thursday, August 29, 2019

Work on this project is mostly complete. The roadway has opened to traffic in both directions, and the traffic light at the corner of Granite Falls Boulevard and Rogers Road is fully functional. The only remaining item involves finalization of the stormwater control devices associated with the project.

Granite Falls Boulevard - June Update
Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sidewalk has been installed on the south side of the road, and the first layer of asphalt is in place. Power lines and street lights have been installed. Work will continue for the next few weeks to complete curb & gutter and sidewalk installation. After the final layer of asphalt, roadway markings will be installed. The project remains on schedule and the roadway should be ready to open during the month of July.

Significant work remains on the traffic signal at the corner of Granite Falls Boulevard and Rogers Road. Traffic signal poles will be installed in the coming weeks. The signal is planned to begin operating over the summer.

Granite Falls Boulevard May Update
Thursday, May 16, 2019

All utility work on the site is complete, so all water lines, sewer lines, and stormwater devices have been installed. Installation of curb and gutter has also begun. In the coming weeks, curb and gutter installation will continue, sidewalks will begin to be installed, and the first layer of asphalt will be put in place.

Granite Falls Boulevard April Update
Thursday, April 4, 2019

Work on the utilities associated with the project is underway. The sewer line is almost complete, and the stormwater structures and water line are anticipated to complete by the end of this month. Once utilities are installed, final grading will take place and work will begin on the curb and gutter. The project remains on schedule for completion.

Granite Falls Boulevard March Update
Thursday, March 7, 2019

Most of the blasting work at the site has completed, but some additional blasting may be required in the coming weeks. A rock crusher will be delivered next week to repurpose the excavated rock as fill-in for the low areas of the site. Grading is also expected to begin this month. Work continues on the two stormwater basins and utility installation.

Granite Falls Boulevard February Update
Friday, February 8, 2019

Blasting at the site will occur during the weeks of February 11th and February 18th. Work has already begun clearing the land and constructing stormwater basins. The coming weeks will consist of blasting activities and the beginning of utility installation.

UPDATED February 22: Due to additional rock discovered on the site, blasting will continue during the weeks of February 25th and March 5th.