Main Street Vision

Main Street Vision Plan logoThere are many new opportunities for development along Main Street in downtown Rolesville.

Town leaders and community members came together to develop a plan to guide future growth and transform Highway 401 Business. See the entire plan here:  Main Street Vision Plan

The Vision Plan divides the 4-mile Main Street corridor into three areas ripe for development. The Town seeks to create a true town center by utilizing urban design practices and building a sense of place.  Efforts will include promoting walk-ability, bike-ability, and downtown beautification.


  1. Create an Equitable Main Street for Everyone and Every Mode
  2. Promote Diverse Housing Stock for Multiple Age Groups and Income Levels
  3. Celebrate the Town with Clear Gateways
  4. Reestablish a Town Center
  5. Retain and Respect the Small-Town Feel

Cobblestone Project

Main Street offers great potential for restaurants, retail, and mixed-use development, and recently a developer has approached the Town with a proposal for developing the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Young and Main Street.  Learn more about this development here at this website, and also watch the video recording of the July 21 Town Board meeting to listen to a presentation of the project.

Residents were also invited to participate in a virtual Q&A session hosted by the developer.  A recording of this session can be viewed here, upon entering the password:  8!!%&nnX

And watch this 2-3 minute informational video produced with the help of East Wake TV to learn more about the project.  This video is found here.

Main Street Grant Updates

Rolesville was awarded $4.8m from the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization's (CAMPO) Locally Administered Projects Program (LAPP) to complete two projects to enhance and revitalize Main Street.  One grant project ($2.3m total) will improve the Burlington Mills Road/Main Street intersection by realigning Burlington Mills Road at the intersection. The improvements could attract commercial investment to the area. 

The other project ($3.7m total) will re-create Hwy 401 Business into Rolesville’s Main Street and includes streetscape improvements, crosswalks, new curb and gutter, sidewalks, and bicycle transportation enhancements from Burlington Mills Road to Young Street. The grant provides for 80% of the projects to be federally funded while the Town will contribute 20%.

In 2020, the Town continues to work on the design of the improvements, and construction of both projects is planned to start in the summer or fall months of 2021.  For a look at some proposed design options for improving the Young and Main Street intersection, watch this 13 minute video

Check back here for periodic updates and contact Mical McFarland for more information.

Wayfinding Initiative

Rolesville has also embarked on a Wayfinding Program throughout town with new signage incorporating the Town logo.