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Community Group Funding

Applications and documentation must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM on March 15th. Applying is easy and may be performed through the online application portal.

Community Group Funding Program

Initiated in the Fall of 2018 by the Town of Rolesville Board of Commissioners, the Community Group Funding program exists to provide funding opportunity for eligible community group programs. The funding coincides with the town's annual budget development process and is awarded through an eligibility determination made through the application process.

How Are Community Groups Eligible?
Community groups are eligible if they provide a service or program that provides a community service, youth education, or aspect of improving quality of life for Rolesville residents. These are broad categories of eligibility but are further defined within the "Program Overview" section of the policy.

What Programs and Groups Are Eligible or Ineligible?
Again, the program provides some guidance. More focus is on what elements or costs of a proposed program are ineligible which include salaries, taxes and fees, utility payments, rent/mortgage payments, building repair and maintenance.

The most important group eligibility requirement is that the community organization must be a non-profit and prove their 501c3 status.

What is the Process?
The process is a once-a-year application process that generally follows the budget development and adoption timeline. It does not prohibit applications or requests to be made outside of the application process but it is anticipated that over time any out of cycle applications would have to have special consideration to attain Board consideration.

A Community Group Fund Sub-committee consisting of Town Board members would consider the applications and conduct a hearing of the applicants that are deemed eligible after application is made. The Community Group Fund Sub-committee would forward recommendations to the Town Board for budget consideration.

Are There Reporting Requirements?
There are reporting requirements that would be submitted to the Town after the program or service is provided. If there is failure to report, then the community group would not be eligible to apply for funds in the future.

What is the Annual Amount of Funds?
This amount may be adjusted annually to match the growth of Rolesville's population. Last year's funding was $7,500 which would have been equivalent to $1 per capita based upon Rolesville's population.

Is it Necessary to Allocate All of the Funds?
There is no requirement to allocate all of the funds; the $1 per capita is a guide. More or less may be allocated.

Are Any Community Groups Exempted from the Program?
While it is not stated in the policy, it is recommended that the Chamber of Commerce be exempt from the program and that they are considered as a stand-alone community group. In most communities, it is normal practice to exempt Chambers of Commerce or groups that promote tourism, economic development, or downtown/main street programs, and treat them as a separate group.

For more information on eligibility requirements, application deadline and contact information, review the Community Group Fund Policy.

To apply, access the online application portal.