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Helpful Links

Below are links for topics regularly inquired about relating to land or development.  These are provided for your information; these webpages are not maintained by the Town of Rolesville. Click on the links below to find more information: 

NC DOT Road Network

This webpage includes all of the State maintained roadways (ie the roads the State has authority over and maintenance responsibility for). This information is most often applicable to questions of "can I add or widen an existing driveway onto X street" and the follow-up of "whom do I ask/inquiry to (to do that)".  One must first determine if the street is under the authority of the State, or the Town/City municipality the street and property are located within.

NC DOT Road Work

In the search bar at the top, enter "Wake County" and map of Wake County will appear, from which you can navigate into the Rolesville area.  Manipulate the Map Filters/Layers on the left side.

State Flood Information  

Enter an address into the search box at top and follow screen instructions/options.

FEMA Flood Maps 

Enter an address and follow instructions/options

Flood Inundation Mapping 

Follow on screen instructions.

Flood Hazard Data 

 Floodplain mapping tool, follow on screen instructions.