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Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance Responsibility

State: Many of the primary roads through town (Main Street, Young Street, Rogers Road, Burlington Mills Road, etc) are maintained by the State of North Carolina. Issues with State maintained streets should be reported to the NC Department of Transportation.

Town: Subdivision streets and collector roads are often maintained by the Town.

Private: Some streets and most parking lots are privately maintained.

Potholes, Damaged Sidewalks and Hazardous Trees

Potholes on State streets can be reported online through DOT's Report of Pothole site. During wet winter weather months, the Town will provide a temporary cold patch to repair potholes on Rolesville maintained streets.


Duke Energy and Wake Electric maintain the streetlights in Rolesville.

Reporting Concerns

Issues and concerns about streets, sidewalks, or streetlights can be reported to the Town through the Report a Concern feature of this website or by calling Town Hall.