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The Town of Rolesville regulates size, illumination, and placement of signs in Section 6.1 - Signs in the Land Development Ordinance. Regulations vary by zoning district and the class of sign.

These provisions ensure that signs are compatible with the Town’s character and do not create hazardous conditions for pedestrians, cyclists, or drivers.


The Town of Rolesville issues two types of sign permits: permanent and temporary. All permit applications must include a completed sign permit form, a rendering of the sign with dimensions, and a site plan or aerial photograph depicting sign placement.

  • Permanent signs can be freestanding or affixed to a building. All permanent signs require a Town sign permit and a building permit. To obtain a building permit, please visit our Permitting page.
  • Temporary signs requiring permits include banners, construction signs, sandwich boards, special event signs, and temporary directional signs along State or Town roads and Granite Falls Boulevard.

Some signs do not require a permit, but their display must still comply with the guidelines listed in Section 6.1- Signs.

To report a concern, please click Report a Concern, or at the at the top of every Town webpage.