Do I need a permit, and How do I get one?

Most projects require a permit, but there are a few instances that may not. Below is some frequently requested information to help guide you. If you cannot locate the answer to your question, please contact Development Support Specialist Jordan Prince with any permitting questions by calling 984-251-2366 or email

The Town of Rolesville issues permits through the Wake County Permit Portal. Wake County conducts plan reviews and inspections for the town. Permit types include Demolition of an existing structure, Residential Accessory Structures (Carport, Deck, Garages, Gazebo, Hot Tubs or Spas, Pergola, Pools, Retaining Wall, Sheds, etc.), Residential Structures in a subdivision or on a single-lot (Single-Family Dwellings, Attached or Detached Family Dwellings), Permanent Signs (both Commercial and Residential) * Temporary Signs require separate approval (not through the portal) from the town, Trade Permits (Electrical, HVAC (Mechanical), Plumbing), etc.

For a complete list of required permits, please refer to the Wake County Permit Portal Application Assistant.

Noise Ordinance

- Per Town Code Section 130.04.B.(9) --- The erection (including excavating), demolition, alteration, or repair of any building in a residential or business district other than between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, except in the case of urgent necessity in the interest of public safety and then only with a permit from the Building Inspector, which permit may be renewed for a period of three days or less while the emergency continues

Report violations to the Town of Rolesville Police Department at 919-556-7226.


 Permit Exceptions:

- Blasting- The Town of Rolesville does not regulate blasting however, we do ask to be notified when possible so we may inform our residents as quickly as possible. Wake County Fire Services issues all mandatory special function permits such as blasting, pyrotechnics/fireworks, underground storage tank removals and tents. Please click the link above for additional information.

- Fences ( A permit is not required for a fence in the Town of Rolesville however, please refer to our LDO, Section 6.5 to follow restrictions and guidelines).

- Non-structural work costing less than $15,000 for single-family residences

- Residential accessory structures where no dimension exceeds twelve feet (12 feet x 12 feet or 144 square feet) * may still require a Land Use Permit from Wake County Planning & Zoning.

- Replacement of doors, exterior siding, roofing or windows in residential structures

- Replacement of pickets, railings, stair treads and decking of residential porches and exterior decks

- Replacement of a water heater in one or two-family dwellings, provided:

  • The energy use rate or thermal input is not greater than that of the water heater which is being replaced.
  •  There is no change in fuel, energy source, location, routing or sizing of venting and piping.
  •  The work is performed by a licensed plumbing contractor and installed in accordance with the current edition of the North Carolina State Building Code.

- In one or two-family dwellings, the repair or replacement of electrical lighting fixtures or devices, such as receptacles and switches. The replacement is required to be the same voltage and the same or less amperage, with the work being performed by a licensed electrical contractor.



After a Site Development Plan has been signed and approved, a Pre-Building Permit Submittal meeting is required jointly by Wake County and the Town of Rolesville - contact Planning Staff at to discuss arranging this meeting.  After this meeting occurs, a building permit submittal may be made through the Wake County Permit Portal. 


Building permits are required for all types of Structural construction that follow the North Carolina 2018 Building Code (reviewed, approved and inspected by licensed Wake County Inspectors). Permit types may include the following:

- Primary Residential Structures - Single-Family/Two-Family/Multiple-Family dwellings require a sealed site plan/survey, building plan, certificate of workers' compensation insurance or a completed affidavit of workers compensation exemption form for contractors, notarized affidavit owner contractor form for projects costing $30,000 or more and where an owner is listed as the general contractor, Appointment of Lien Agent where the project cost is $30,000 or more. 

-* Note: If the property will be served by an on-site wastewater system (septic) and or a water well, separate permits will be required from Wake County Environmental Services; further information regarding requirements may be obtained via:  
     - Wastewater: 919-856-7434 or
     - Stormwater and Groundwater:  919-856-7400

A Land Disturbance permit is required for any lot within a subdivision (even if the land disturbance is less than 1 acre) and for any lot with a disturbance over 1 acre outside of a subdivision. Apply through the Permit Portal for Land Disturbance – Individual Lot(s). For more information about erosion and sedimentation (E&S) control visit Environmental Services.

Your permit may also require a review by watershed management if there are flood hazard areas or if your proposed impervious area exceeds the allowable limit. 

- Residential Accessory Structures - The following scopes of work qualify as Accessory Structures and thus require Permit approval -  construction exceeding twelve feet wide or tall (12 feet x 12 feet or 144 square feet) including vehicular carports, decks (either attached to a dwelling or floating/freestanding), garages (either attached or detached to a dwelling), gazebos, hot tubs/spas, Pergolas (if attached to the dwelling or has a non-slatted roof), pools, retaining walls, sheds, solar panels and many more.  Accessory structures must be on the same lot as a Single or Two-family dwelling/structure but is used for a different reason. Accessory Structure permits require a sealed site plan, building plans, certificate of workers' compensation insurance or a completed affidavit of workers compensation exemption form for contractors, a notarized affidavit owner contractor form for projects costing $30,000 or more and where an owner is listed as the general contractor.


Trade permits cover electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work. This includes installing, relocating, replacing, or repairing appliances, equipment, irrigation systems or piping. Licensed contractors are required except when qualifying* homeowners complete the work. *Qualifying homeowners may choose to complete their own projects after completing an Owner Exemption Affidavit (pursuant to G.S. 87-14(a)(1) and  if they own the land, occupy the structure as their Primary Residence, and will be present for all required inspections.


  1. Review the Wake County Permit Portal Guide & Tutorials
  2. Register for an account
  3. Select permit type and apply online
  4. Complete and submit all required documents, including a list of contractors (name, business name, phone or email and LICENSE) information. 
  5. Town of Rolesville staff will review your application for Land Use and Zoning and LDO compliance, then move on to Wake County for plan review and approval. To determine if you are in Rolesville's Town Limits or ETJ, please check IMaps
  6. If comments or questions arise during review, you will receive an email.
  7. Once approved by the Town of Rolesville and Wake County, you will receive credit card payment instructions from the Town of Rolesville Development Support Specialist.
  8. Pay the Town of Rolesville/Wake County combined fees through the permit portal.
  9. Remit City of Raleigh utility fees (irrigation or initial public utilities connection only) to our office at 502 Southtown Circle or PO BOX 250, Rolesville, NC 27571.
  10. Allow 24 hours (or the next business day) for the permit to appear as an attachment under documents on the permit portal.
  11. Print the permit and stamped building plans to post on the building site.
  12. The Town of Rolesville is not authorized to schedule inspections. Please request all inspections through your Wake County Permit Portal account or call Wake County Inspections Office at 919-856-6222. 
  13. Please contact us at 984-251-2366 if we may be of further assistance.
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