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Traffic Impact Analysis

**This page is under construction.  Contact the Planning Department with questions - or 919-554-6517 .  Thank you!



  • Developer runs an ITE trip generation exercise to determine if the project hits the thresholds contained in LDO Section 8.
  • Developer contacts Planning Director to hold a Scoping meeting. 
  • The Town assigns the TIA work to one of two on-call consultants – Stantec OR Ramey Kemp Associates.  
  • Scoping meeting is held – Developer, TIA consultant, Planning Director.
  • TIA consultant produces a Cost Estimate based on the Scope of work and presents that to the Town and Developer.
  • Developer agrees to the Cost Estimate.
  • An Invoice is generated by Planning Director, sent to Developer.
  • Developer pays Invoice.
  • TIA Consultant begins the study. Timeframe is anywhere from 1-3 months typically, but varies.
    • Traffic Counts should be taken during active public/private school operations; traffic counts should not be taken during June, July, August, late November/December, and the WCPSS traditional calendar 'spring break' period.
  • Draft study presented to Town and Developer.
  • Draft study is sent to NCDOT Congestion Management for comment.
  • Revisions occur as necessary from all sides.
  • Final TIA is produced.
  • When Final TIA is produced, the associated development application (Map Amendment usually) can move forward on its approval path. Map Amendments can then be scheduled for Planning Board so long as the rest of the application is ready to move forward.