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Adopted Plans

Town of Rolesville Bicycle Plan (2022)

Rolesville Bikes is a community-led initiative that expands on the town’s proposed bicycle network, first envisioned in 2013 with the adoption of the Rolesville Bike Plan. Since the plan’s adoption, Rolesville has experienced tremendous growth due to its family- focused amenities and proximity to Raleigh and the major employment centers within the Triangle Region. To ensure that Rolesville grows responsibly and sustainably, residents and Town leadership have prioritized bicycle and pedestrian network expansion through recent planning efforts.  Adopted August 2, 2022.

Steering Committee and Draft Plan Update Page


Town of Rolesville Greenway Plan (2022)

Rolesville Greenways serves as an update to the 2002 Open Space and Greenway Plan, which primarily recommended greenways along creek corridors with a focus on protecting and conserving the Town’s environmental assets. Rolesville Greenways expands on this initial planning effort to improve access to recreational centers, parks, and destinations, while still focusing on environmental protection. The plan provides a framework for town staff, residents, developers, and regional partners to create greenway network and policy recommendations that guide future development and enhance quality of life for residents.  Adopted August 2, 2022.

Steering Committee and Draft Plan Update Page


Farm Site Master Plan (2020)


Rolesville Parks and Recreation Master Plan (2019)

The Rolesville Parks and Recreation Master Plan is designed to guide the Town during the next 10 years of growth, addressing parkland and facilities, programming, finances, and operations.  Adopted April 2, 2019.


Open Space and Greenway Plan (2002)

The Open Space and Greenway Plan specifies the locations of future parks and trails through Rolesville.