Planning Board


The Planning Board is empowered by North Carolina General Statute 160D-301, and has the powers and duties as detailed in Land Development Ordinance (LDO) Section 2.1.2.B

The Board reviews and provides recommendations to Town's Board of Commissioners on a range of land use development applications, including amendments to the Town's development Ordinances, as well as other initiatives of the Town.

Please reference page 11 of the Appendix A to the LDO, which is a Table detailing the role of the Planning Board within the overall framework of the Town's Development process.

The Board regularly meets on the fourth Monday of each month at the Rolesville Town Hall at 7:00 pm. These meetings are open to the public. Meeting agendas are available in the Agendas & Minutes section of this website. 

Please see Planning Board 2023 Meeting Schedule .

The Planning Board comprises seven members appointed by the Town Board of Commissioners. Members represent areas within the Town's corporate limits and its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ), and serve three-year terms. If interested in serving on the Planning Board, please fill out the Advisory Board Application

Planning Board Membership

Current Term End
# of Consecutive Terms Allowable
Tisha LoweMemberCorporate Limits12/31/20251 of 2
Mike MossChairpersonETJ12/31/20241 of 2
Davion CrossVice-ChairpersonCorporate Limits12/31/20251 of 2
Steve HillMemberETJ12/31/20241 of 2
Donnie LawrenceMemberCorporate Limits


1 of 2

Derek VersteegenMemberCorporate Limits12/31/20241 of 2
Jim SchwartzMemberETJ12/31/20231 of 2