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515 S Main St.
Case MA 19-05

MA 19-05 is a request for rezoning at 515 S Main St. The current zoning is Residential 1 (R-1), and the requested zoning is Commercial Outlying - Conditional Zone (CO-CZ). If approved, the change would allow uses permitted in the CO zoning district with the...

101 and 115 Redford Place Dr.
Case MA 19-04

MA 19-04 is a map amendment to rezone 1.62 acres at Redford Place Drive from Residential 1 (R-1) district to Commercial Outlying Conditional Zoning District (CO-CZ). The rezoning would allow for commercial development on the property. The Town of Rolesville Comprehensive...

A-Master Team Townhomes
Cases MA 19-03 and SUP 19-02

MA 19-03 is a petition to rezone 7.44 acres from Residential and Planned Unit Development (R&PUD) district to Commercial Outlying Special Use District (CO-SUD). This will permit commercial development and residential uses on the property. The SUP 19-02 is...

Chandlers Ridge
Cases A 18-02, MA 18-01, and S 18-02

The property is located at 410 W Young St at Wake County Parcel Identification Number (PIN) 1769362758. The Rolesville extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ)/Wake County jurisdiction border divides the parcel. There is split zoning in the...

Regency at Heritage
Cases D 18-03, MA 17-04, and S 18-03

Development (D) 18-03 will consist 94 single-family lots in total. 27 lots will be located on 14.72 acres in Rolesville's extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ), and the remaining 67 lots will be located in the Town of Wake Forest. Map Amendment (MA) 17...

Kalas Falls
Cases MA 19-02 and SUP 19-01

MA 19-02 is a petition to rezone four parcels between Manly Farm Rd. and Rolesville Rd. from Residential 1 (R-1) and Residential 2 Special Use District (R2-SUD) to Residential and Planned Unit Development (R&PUD).

SUP 19-01 is a proposal...

Barrington Phase 2
Case SUP 18-03

SUP 18-03 is a petition to amend the existing Residential and Planned Unit Development (R&PUD) master plan for Barrington subdivision. The amendment would allow for the replacement of seventeen single-family lots with 32 town home units. The Town of Rolesville...

1200 Granite Falls Blvd.
Case MA 19-01

MA 19-01 is a map amendment to rezone three parcels (1758598900, 1758599639, and 1758690672) from Residential 1 (R-1) to Residential 3 (R-3). The parcels total approximately 7.35 acres and are located at 1200 Granite Falls Blvd.

Elizabeth Springs
Cases SUP 17-02, S 18-01, SP 19-01, SUP 18-04, and SUP 19-03

SUP 17-02 was a special use permit to adopt a new planned unit development (PUD) master plan. This case included conditions for the property. SUP 18-04 amended SUP 17-02. S 18-01 was an application for preliminary plat approval...

The Point
Case SUP 18-09

SUP 18-09 is a special use permit request to adopt a new PUD master plan for residential, open space, and commercial uses. The property is 316.38 acres and is split by Louisburg Rd. (US 401 Bypass). It is in the Residential and Planned Unit Development zoning district.


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