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Frequently Asked Questions

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For a Rezoning application, how does the scheduling work between the Planning Board and Town Board of Commissioners?

Are Preliminary Subdivision Plat (PSP) and Construction Infrastructure Drawings (CID) permitted to be submitted concurrently?

Generally, the answer is no, but Staff will consider this on a case-by-case basis.  Consider if a PSP has completed either the V1 or the V2 (more likely the latter) review, and there are only generally minor/small items to revise/correct, the Town may agree to accept the initial submittal of CID plans for the next available monthly cycle.   Staff would encourage a developer to budget 2 monthly review cycles – each cycle amounts to 2 months - for PSP review prior to planning to submit the CID plans.  Any additional time on the part of the developer to make revisions and resubmit by the next deadline would be the cause of the developer.

How can I get my Final Plat signed by the Town?

The Town Planning Director is the primary signature authority for recordation plats and can sign either digital/electronic submittals (ie Docusign) or hard copy versions (plastic mylar or paper).  The Town does not retain a physical copy of signed Final Plats either pre- or post-recording.  Same-day hard copy signatures should not be assumed; make an appointment with the Planning Director to seek that.  Contact the Wake County Register of Deeds for all questions regarding the recordation of Final Plats. Always inform the Planning staff of the recordation information after a plat is recorded.

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