Land Use and Zoning


Zoning is a tool to regulate land use, prevent nuisances, and preserve the Town’s character.  Each zoning district has different dimensional standards and permitted uses outlined the Town's Land Development Ordinance (LDO).

Map Amendments

The zoning map shows the assigned district of all properties in Rolesville’s corporate limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). The Town Board adopted the current map in 2017. To change the zoning of a particular parcel or parcels, the Town Board must amend the approved zoning map. This is a legislative process.

Site Plans and Special Use Permits

Some land uses and operations require Town Board approval through special use permit public hearings. The Town uses special use permits to create new and amend existing Planned Unit Development (PUD) master plans, approve site plans, and to authorize special uses. Special use permit proceedings are quasi-judicial. This means they involve sworn testimony and presentation of facts before the Town Board of Commissioners. Upon approval, a special use permit is tied to the land.

The Town can grant variances when strict interpretation of the LDO creates a hardship for a specific property. The Board of Adjustment (BOA) conducts public hearings for these cases. This is a quasi-judicial process requiring sworn testimony.

To petition for a map amendment, a special use permit, or a variance, one must file a completed application with the Town, and pay all applicable fees found in the Adopted Fiscal Year Budget. The applications are available on the Forms and Applications. The Planning Department encourages potential petitioners to contact the staff to schedule a pre-submittal meeting.