Memorial Mile: A Yearly Event Honoring the Brave

Tuesday, May 30, 2023 - 12:41pm


Memorial Mile: A Yearly Event Honoring the Brave

ROLESVILLE- May 29, 2023 at 11:00am the Town of Rolesville will celebrate those who have served our country in a unique way. Only on year 2, the Town of Rolesville recognizes the sacrifice that members of the community and their families have made by serving in the United States Armed Forces with an event called, Memorial Mile.

Partnering with a local group Community Gardeners of Rolesville, the town created a Memorial Day remembrance event called the Memorial Mile. For the second year, 24x18 full color signs are displayed along the greenway on Trail A in Main Street Park. These signs include photos of the men and women that have served, their dates of service and ranks. This event also includes a flag ceremony with the Community Gardeners of Rolesville and The Rolesville Fire Department along with a walk of remembrance.

With a veteran population of over 400 veterans according to the United States Census Bureau the Memorial Mile is quite a beautiful event to witness as the number of signs increase each year.

"As a United States Army Veteran, I am honored that Rolesville is having the Memorial Day Mile.  It is a solemn occasion that allows the family of fallen service members, as well as the service members in attendance, and the citizens of Rolesville to honor their lives and service to this country.  As I walk along the trail I will use this time to reflect on the lives of my comrades that are not present with us.  I will always remember them.  I cherish the moments that were shared.  So I suppose for me Memorial Day isn’t just “a day” for recognizing someone’s sacrifices but rather cherishing their memory every day for the rest of our lives because they have certainly earned that respect."

Commissioner Dan Alston serves as the Veteran Commissioner Liaison for the Town of Rolesville. Each year the Town looks to honoring our veterans within the community.