Water Service

The Town of Rolesville's water and sewer needs are served by the City of Raleigh. For more information, please call 919-996-3245 or visit their online utility payment page. 

Water Disconnects

Raleigh Water took action on March 12 by suspending water service disconnects due to non-payment, waiving late payment fees, and reconnecting accounts previously disconnected. Courtesy payment plans were also offered. Continuation of these actions is consistent with Governor Cooper’s Executive Order Number 124, which was issued on March 31.

While disconnections for non-payment have been temporarily discontinued, customers are encouraged to make monthly payments to avoid accumulating large balances. Since utility account balances are only deferred at this time, customers struggling to pay their utility bill in full are urged to request a payment plan.  Raleigh Water will resume service disconnects due to non-payment beginning February 2021.

Water Rates

Many residents will be increasing their water usage during the quarantine, and this has the potential to create financial strain for some households. The water rates are tiered so that higher rates are charged when more water is used. Raleigh Water staff have adjusted the tiers so that residential users will not reach these price increases as quickly. This is a temporary change that will remain in effect for water usage billed on or after April 16, 2020 and ending 30 days after the Wake County Proclamation of a State of Emergency has been rescinded.

Don't Flush Wipes

Raleigh Water is reminding people not to flush wipes of any kind down the toilet. Wipes clog pipes and lead to sewer spills. People are understandably using more disinfectant wipes to help combat the coronavirus, but wipes belong in the trash, not the toilet. Even “flushable” wipes do not readily dissolve in water like toilet paper. They can get stuck in bends in the pipes or cling to grease buildup, causing clogs that lead to sewer backups and/or spills.