Feb 10 Yard Waste Collection Delayed

Friday, February 21, 2020 - 4:12pm

Due to the large amount of yard waste generated by the storm this past Thursday, yard waste collection is running behind schedule. We appreciate your patience. It may take two or three days for the trucks to service all neighborhoods in town.

To help those crews work quickly, please place your yard waste debris using these guidelines:

  • Small yard debris should be placed in trash containers of up to 35-gallons in size. Please do NOT place waste in bags.

  • Large limbs and branches can be placed loose curbside. All limbs should stacked in a similar direction.

  • Limbs up to 6 inches in diameter should be no longer than 6 feet, limbs over 6 inches in diameter should be no longer than 2 feet, and logs must not be longer than 1 foot.

  • Yard waste must be free of trash, bricks, rocks, and other refuse. No root balls will be collected.

  • Waste generated by a contractor is the responsibility of the contractor to remove from the property.