Help Keep Rolesville Looking Beautiful

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 - 12:10pm

The Town of Rolesville is taking a proactive approach to promote the town as a safe, healthy and attractive community.  Beautification efforts are a priority especially as Rolesville continues to grow, and as the town implements the Main Street Vision Plan and encourages new commercial growth along US Highway 401 Business.

In keeping with this aim, at their June 4 meeting, the Town Board approved some changes to the Town code regarding nuisance conditions, and specifically overgrown grass and weeds.  Once grass or weeds reach a height of 8 inches, it is defined as a nuisance and considered in violation of the Town’s code.  In addition, as nuisance conditions are identified, the time granted for property owners to remove or abate nuisance conditions has been lessened. 

Please find the updated ordinance in chapter 93 of the Town Code and thank you for your cooperation in continuing to make Rolesville a great place to live.