Mayor's Message of September 4

Friday, September 4, 2020 - 4:53pm

This Labor Day weekend brings important interests to our attention as we continue this 2020 journey. Governor Cooper moved to Phase 2.5, allowing playgrounds to reopen. Town of Rolesville playgrounds will now be open for use, at your own risk. I ask everyone to please be respectful of all users and minimize congregating in large groups at these playgrounds. Remember to practice social distancing.

Also, September 11th marks the nineteenth anniversary of the 2001 attacks on our country. We were all affected by this tragedy and will never forget those who were injured or killed. That day we saw many heroic acts take place. Strangers helping strangers, without regard for their own lives. It was with great sadness that we lost many heroes that day. Their lives will never be forgotten. Heroes can come in many shapes, forms, and colors. Heroes can be someone we know or even someone we never met.

This past week, we learned of the heartbreaking passing of one such hero in Chadwick Boseman. He was a hero who broke another barrier in our country. Like the superhero character he portrayed in Black Panther, Mr. Boseman found a way to bring joy to those who were ailing, while going through his own health ordeals. Please keep Mr. Boseman, and all of our many heroes, in your thoughts today and in the coming weeks.

Finally, the recent events in communities such as Kenosha, Wisconsin and Portland, Oregon are constant reminders for us to recognize and confront our present-day history and to work toward defeating racism.  With all that is happening throughout our country, I have taken this time to really reflect on my past and to ask myself many hard questions about how I can do better as a person. As a native of North Carolina, I have been influenced by our regional history and social norms, which now need to be questioned, discussed, and reformed. This period has really allowed me to listen and learn more than I have ever done in my life. With this new knowledge, I am even more committed to growing in knowledge, understanding, and faith in regards to my family, our community, and our state.

Since my swearing in as Rolesville Mayor, this has definitely been a period of learning and growing. It has encouraged me to pause, listen, and look at our community in a way that I have not done in the past. Our Town Board has been influential during this time in guiding us on how to best identify and address systemic racism. Last week, most of the Board attended the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity) Conference so that we could learn and listen together about this topic.

The Rolesville Board of Commissioners probably represents one of the most diverse governing bodies in North Carolina in terms of race and gender. The thoughtfulness and respect that members of the Board have for one another contributes to our strong sense of unity. Our Strategic Plan embraces a vision of community, connectivity, and quality of life for all citizens, and that vision is one of our guiding tenets in how we serve the Rolesville citizens. 

As a governing body, we consider policies and procedures that directly affect our community. I believe we need to make decisions through the lens of making this a better community by acknowledging that we must fight to end negative stereotypes and racism. While we only have authority over the Town of Rolesville, we have a responsibility to influence others as well, both locally and nationally. It is our goal and duty to lead positively, fairly, and by example.

Our ultimate responsibility is to this community. This responsibility includes assisting and creating an environment in which residents, businesses, and visitors can trust, respect, and treat everyone equally and fairly through their interactions.

As an organization, the Town is currently reviewing all policies and procedures to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusiveness are emphasized and implemented in all operations. This is not a one-time event, but an ongoing commitment.

Our Police Department represents a diverse group of professional men and women who are here to serve and protect the citizens of Rolesville. Their directive is to carry out their duties and mission using endorsed best practices to “Cause No Harm”. Our Police Department has a culture that emphasizes the importance of being fair and non-discriminatory to all, regardless of skin color. I am extremely proud of our Police Department.

Rolesville is a great, small suburban community. Just like any community, we have history. But now, more than ever, we can improve our present and future for all. I will do my part as Mayor, and as an individual and citizen, to continue to improve Rolesville. I ask that you do the same.

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend with your family and friends. Wear your face covering, practice social distancing, and most of all be safe. Stay Healthy!

Ronnie Currin

Mayor of Rolesville