New School Zone Warning Signs/Lights

The Town of Rolesville has installed and activated new school zone warning signs that include solar powered flashing lights.  During school start and end times, the signs will flash warning lights that tell the driver a reduced school zone speed limit is in effect. The signs were a priority of the Rolesville Town Board for their 2018-19 budget and the installation of the signs were funded by the Town of Rolesville Capital Improvement Plan with approval by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Rolesville Police will enhance enforcement of the school zone speed limits to remind drivers to drive alertly and safely in and around Rolesville schools.

The new signage can be found at:

Rolesville Elementary School – 25 MPH on Main Street

Sanford Creek Elementary School – 25 MPH on Granite Falls Blvd.

Rolesville Middle School – 35 MPH on Burlington Mills Road

Rolesville High School – 35 MPH on Rolesville Road and Quarry Road