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New Town Logo Revealed

We are excited to announce the Town of Rolesville has launched its new official brand.

Following on the heels of a new Economic Development Plan and Main Street Vision, the Town Board gave the go-ahead to improve the Town's image and enhance marketing efforts. Workshops were held, with guidance from Bizzell Design, Inc., to create an authentic brand story for the Town of Rolesville. Residents and community leaders gave their input on what Rolesville meant to them, and why they and their families had chosen to live here. The goal of this project was to create a very effective graphic brand for our town; however, first creating a memorable place and position for this brand to perform.

As these discussions ensued, common threads began to emerge, things like:  safety, community pride, annual town festivals, town parks and recreation facilities, and being able to sit on the front porch and connect with your neighbors. Workshop participants realized that in Rolesville there was genuine community, all just a short distance away from North Carolina's capital city - Raleigh. Eventually the group decided on a tagline:  Genuine Community - Capital Connection.

From these efforts came a new logo for the Town which incorporates four key characteristics:

  • N.C. State Capital building - showing a connection to Raleigh and the advantages of being near a large city
  • Green leaves - symbolizing the rural countryside and the Town's dedication to providing this way of life for its citizens
  • The tower - representing the promise to carefully redevelop Main Street into a genuine destination
  • The bicycle - showing the Town's commitment to the quality of life through parks, greenways, and safe streets