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The Town of Rolesville Welcomes New Parks & Recreation Director

ROLESVILLE, NC- The Town of Rolesville is pleased to welcome Oliver (June) Greene as the new Parks and Recreation Director. Greene will oversee the operations, program planning, and coordination for the department. Greene brings a wealth of experience with over 17 years in the parks and recreation field.

When asked about his new position, Greene commented, “This role presents a unique opportunity to lead and inspire a dedicated team of professionals committed to the betterment of our community. I am deeply motivated by the prospect of fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment that empowers our team to continuously enhance the recreational experiences we offer.”

The Town of Rolesville has a unique and robust Parks and Recreational & Cultural Program. With a population of over 10,000, residents from surrounding towns also join in our programs. The Town of Rolesville values community engagement, strong leadership, and community.

Kelly Arnold, Town Manager, is excited about the experience and skill set that Mr. Greene is bringing to The Town of Rolesville. “Mr. Greene brought many factors to the Parks and Recreation Director position as a candidate. First, his experience in Franklin County puts him in a position to understand the opportunities and challenges for a growing community like Rolesville. Secondly, he is actively engaged in all aspects of parks and recreation within North Carolina and this region. Finally, his outgoing personality fits the organization and community that embraces transparency and customer service. The Town welcomes June Greene, he has firmly immersed himself into the culture, parks, and recreation of Rolesville.” said Arnold.

Greene has spearheaded numerous initiatives such as park expansion in Franklin County where 170+ acres of additional parkland, resulting in growth in accessible green spaces for residents was acquired. Inclusive recreational programming ensured individuals of all abilities had equal access to recreational opportunities amongst many other initiatives.

Greene said, “The Parks and Recreation Department in Rolesville is not just about providing physical spaces and activities; it is about creating a sense of community, fostering individual and collective well-being, and contributing to the overall quality of life in the city. It plays a vital role in making Rolesville an attractive and vibrant place to live, work, and raise a family.”