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Unification of Rolesville Rural Fire Department with Town of Rolesville

At the May 21 Town Board Meeting, Commissioners approved a resolution to merge the Rolesville Rural Fire Department (RRFD) with the Town of Rolesville.  The RRFD, currently a nonprofit corporation, has been providing fire protection, emergency medical services and other hazard mitigation services to the Rolesville area for over 60 years.  During the past three years, the RRFD and Town have met collaboratively to discuss the benefits, concerns, challenges and opportunities related to the unification of the Fire Department into the Town’s governance structure. This collaboration culminated in the establishment of a Unification Committee that consisted of staff from the RRFD, Town of Rolesville, and a third-party consultant - NC Fire Chief Consulting - who developed the mutually agreed-upon resolution.   

The resolution is an informal document that commits to the effort of unification, and subsequently initiates the establishment of a formal, legalistic definitive agreement to solidify the unification of the RRFD and the Town by the proposed target date of July 1, 2025. In the coming months, unification will be evidenced by this joint definitive agreement.

At the upcoming June 4th Town Board Meeting, a signing ceremony will take place immediately before the meeting.  Public are invited to attend.  To see a copy of the resolution, view the agenda packet from the May 21 meeting here: