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Invasive Plant Removal

Invasive plants are plants that have been transported outside their normal home ranges and are not native to the area. 

"Many invasive plants reduce biodiversity by occupying habitat normally utilized by native species. More aggressive invasive species can actually displace natural vegetation by growing so densely as to prevent reproduction by native species, or by physically overtaking natural vegetation such as is observed with kudzu." - North Carolina Forest Service


North Carolina Forest Service Invasive Plants


Help protect our parks! Rolesville parks need your help to remove invasive plants.

Sign up and get a free Volunteer t-shirt! Limited to ages 12 and up.


Saturday, February 18, 2023
9:00 AM
Main Street Park Shelter B

Meet at Shelter B in Main Street Park at 9 AM. PLEASE wear closed-toe shoes and we recommend long pants to protect from tall grasses and insects. Tools and supplies are limited, please bring your own if you have them.