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Frequently Asked Questions


When do I call 911?

Call 911 for any situation where you need police, fire, or an ambulance to come to your location.  Many people are taught from a young age that 911 is for life-threatening emergencies only, but that is not the case!  It is appropriate to call 911 so an officer can be dispatched for wellness checks, car accidents (including minor ones), trespassing, and other situations that may not be life- or property-threatening but still need an officer to report to the scene.     

Should I call the police if I see something suspicious or unusual?

At all hours of the day, officers are available to respond to calls for service. The Police Department counts on the citizens of Rolesville to alert them to unusual situations. If your intuition tells you that something isn't right, call 911 and report your suspicions. It is better to discover that nothing is wrong than to let a crime occur.

When someone calls, a dispatcher takes the information, asks questions, decides what and who to send, and assesses the urgency of the call. Each call for service gets a response, although higher priority calls may be assigned first. To have an officer respond, call 911.


What do I do if I am involved in a traffic crash?

If you are involved in a minor crash where there are no visible signs of injury to persons involved and the vehicles are drivable, move your vehicle out of the traveled portion of the roadway.  Cars left in the road contribute to traffic congestion, which can cause other crashes. Call 911 and exchange driver information. DO NOT leave the scene until you have spoken to the police officer.

I was involved in a traffic crash.  How can I get a copy of the report?

After a traffic crash, attorneys and insurance companies may require a copy of the accident report. Contact the NCDOT at (919) 715-7000, or visit the traffic records website.


How do I obtain a firearm purchase permit or concealed carry permit?

The Wake County Sheriff's Office issues concealed carry and purchase permits. Information on the application process can be found on the WCSO website.


I need to be fingerprinted for a job. Can I visit the police station to have this done?

Public fingerprinting is not provided by the Rolesville Police Department. In Wake County, this service is provided by the City-County Bureau of Identification. Locally, the Wake Forest Police Department offers this service to the public on a limited basis.


How do I file a restraining order or domestic violence protection order against someone?

The process of obtaining a court order against someone can be lengthy. There are several steps involved and it requires specific, determined action on your part. The Wake County District Attorney’s Office has a team of domestic violence advocates who can assist you with this process. The required judicial forms can also be accessed online and downloaded for use.


Does the Rolesville Police Department handle animal complaints?

If you report an animal complaint at the station or through 911, an officer will meet with you to take your complaint. The Rolesville Police Department will take reasonable measures to protect its citizens against vicious animals. However, most animal complaints are best resolved by reporting them directly to Wake County Animal Control where a team of specially trained officers can investigate and resolve most animal-related issues.


I received a traffic ticket, but I forgot my court date. How can I found out when I’m supposed to go to court?

Court calendars can be accessed online. You can perform a simple search to find out when you are scheduled to be in court.

I received a warning ticket for a traffic violation. How do I handle this?

Warning tickets usually require you to comply with some provision of the law. In many cases, the warning ticket may need to be signed by a police officer verifying that you have satisfied a requirement of the law, such as replacing a broken headlight. If you have a warning ticket that needs to be signed, simply visit us at the station, and one of our officers will be able to validate the warning ticket.


How can I found out if my child is still required to ride in the car with a booster seat?

North Carolina law requires that children be appropriately restrained while riding in vehicles. The requirements vary based on the age and weight of the child.  Visit Buckle Up NC for more information about seat belt and child restraint laws in North Carolina.


How can I go about complimenting an officer or filing a complaint?

The Rolesville Police Department is committed to building strong relationships within the community. Your compliments and complaints regarding officer performance are welcomed. Members of the public may visit the station, or call our non-emergency number and request to speak to a supervisor. Citizens may also email Chief of Police David Simmons with the details of their compliment or complaint.


I received a civil citation from a Rolesville officer, how do I make an appeal?

The Town of Rolesville has set up an administrative appeal process for individuals who believe that the Notice of Town Ordinance Violation citation they received was issued in error. The Town has appointed a panel of Town employees who review and make final decisions on appeals. There are many valid reasons why someone could appeal their citation, but lack of knowledge of Town Ordinances is not a valid reason. Call the Police Department non-emergency number to obtain the application to appeal which includes information explaining the process.