Mayor's Message

Rolesville is the second oldest town in Wake County and one of the fastest growing towns in North Carolina. This growth is occurring for good reason. Rolesville is strategically located, with connection to the state capitol and major transportation avenues, access to state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, proximity to recognized schools and universities, and close to international and regional airports.

Despite its access to all that is metropolitan, Rolesville has and will continue to maintain its quality of life and genuine community significance. Quality schools, beautiful parks, friendly small-town atmosphere and well-managed growth are but a few of the elements that are important here.

With a substantial number of residential lots approved for future occupancy, Rolesville still insists on quality in development. This insistence on the best for our present and future will reflect in an increase in value to homeowners as well as making them proud to say they live in Rolesville. Our growth is bringing new restaurants, pharmacies, doctors, and other needed facilities.

I commend you for making Rolesville your home and look forward to meeting you in person. My office hours are your hours. I am available in my office at Town Hall by appointment and reachable by phone, in person, on the street, in the stores, or wherever we pass. I thank you for visiting our website, congratulate you on discovering this great place, and encourage you to engage in your new community.

-Mayor Frank Eagles

Mayor's Message

Office Address

502 Southtown Circle

Rolesville, NC 27571


Mailing Address

PO Box 250

Rolesville, NC 27571