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Forms and Applications


Development Plan Review Application  - This application covers Sketch Plans, Construction Drawings, Preliminary Plat, and Final Plats

Property Owners Consent Form - Please submit this form with each Development Application.

Map Amendment Application - This application covers Rezonings aka Map Amendments, including Conditional Zoning District requests.

Voluntary Annexation Petition- This application covers Voluntary Annexations of land into the Town limits.

 Special Use Permit Application -  This application is to be used for Special Use Permit (SUP) submittals.


Change of Tenant Form

Driveway Permit Application

Food Truck Permit Application

Home Occupation Permit Application

Temporary Use Permit Application

Irrigation- City of Raleigh Utility request form

Lien Agent Form

Owner-Builder License Exemption Affidavit

Right of Way Encroachment Agreement Form

Sign Permit Application (Permanent and Temporary Signs)

Text Amendment Application

Variance Application

Workers Compensation Form

Zoning Verification Letter Application