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Reserve at Mitchell Mill (fka 5109 Mitchell Mill)

*All application reviews subject to the Land Development Ordinance (LDO).

**Circa August 2023, the project was renamed to 'Reserve at Mitchell Mill' from '5109 Mitchell Mill'.

ANX 22-03 - APPROVED - 2023-01-17 - Voluntary Annexation petition for 139.054 acres from Wake County jurisdiction into the Town limits.  1st Submittal reviewed during MARCH 2022; Comments published 04/05/2022.   On 06/07/22, the Town Board asked the Town Clerk to investigate the sufficiency of the petition. On 10/04/22, the Town Board called for a public hearing to occur on 11/01/2022. On 11/01/2022, the Town Board conducted a public hearing and considered the annexation petition; the public hearing was continued until January 17, 2023.  On January 17, 2023, the Town Board continued and then closed the public hearing, and on a motion to Approve ANX 22-03, voted 4-0-1 (Sneed absent).

MA 22-06 - APPROVED - 2023-01-17 - Map Amendment (Rezoning) for 139.054 acres from Wake County R-30 District to ~86 acres of Residential Medium Density-Conditional Zoning (RM-CZ) District and ~55 acres of Neighborhood Center-Conditional Zoning District (NC-CZ), with proposed Conditions of Approval and a Concept Plan.  Maximum dwelling units shall not exceed 395, with no more than 134 being Single-family Attached (Townhome) dwellings. A minimum of 50,000 square feet of non-residential development shall be permitted prior to permitting the 198th dwelling unit.

On January 17, 2023, the Town Board of Commissioners continued the Public Hearing opened on November 1, 2022; Staff and Applicant presentations were made, which included detailing the revised proposed Conditions of Approval; several members of the public made public comments; Board members asked question of the Applicant, and several conditions were agreed to be revised/changed; the public hearing was closed.  On a motion to Approve MA 22-06 as presented (including condition revisions per the conversation), the Board voted 4-0-1 (Sneed absent).  The Board also made a motion to Approve a Consistency Statement, and voted 4-0-1 (Sneed absent). 

PSP-23-03 - Preliminary Subdivision Plat - Subdivision of 146.15 acres; V1 Submittal proposes 385 residential lots (266 Single-family Detached (SFD) lots / 116 Single-family Attached (TH) lots); V2 Submittal proposes 379 residential Lots (269 Single-family Detached (SFD) lots and 110 Single-family Attached (TH) lots; Ve Submittal proposes 378 residential Lots (268 Single-family Detached (SFD) lots and 110 Single-family Attached (TH) lots. Non-residential use lots, open space lots, and associated right-of-way dedications are also included.

- 1st Submittal rcvd 08-01-2023; on TRC-STAFF review during AUGUST 2023; comments published on 09-10-2023.

- 2nd Submittal rcvd 12-05-2023; on TRC-STAFF review during DECEMBER 2023; comments published on 01-08-2024.

- 3rd Submittal rcvd 03-01-2024; on TRC-STAFF review during MARCH 2024; comments partially published by 04-08-2024; Comment SUmmary document published 05-22-2024.


Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) -

MA 22-06 / Revised Conditions & Exhibits