Chandlers Ridge


Application (MA 18-01)
Completed: Apr 16, 2018
Spring 2018
Planning Board Recommendation (MA 18-01)
Completed: Apr 20, 2018
Spring 2018
Neighborhood Meeting
Completed: May 16, 2019
Spring 2019
Town Board Approval (MA 18-01)
Completed: Jan 1, 2025
Summer 2018
Second Neighborhood Meeting
Completed: Jun 25, 2019
Summer 2019
Town Board Annexation (A 18-02) - Approval
Completed: Mar 17, 2020
Spring 2020
Planning Board Preliminary Plat Review
Completed: Jun 1, 2020
June 1, 2020
Town Board Preliminary Plat Review
Completed: Jun 16, 2020
Spring 2020
MA 18-01 , A 20-01, (Approved), PR 18-02 (Approved), CD 20-02 (Approved)

This residential subdivision project is located at 410 W Young St at Wake County Parcel Identification Number (PIN) 1769362758. The Rolesville extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ)/Wake County jurisdiction border divides the parcel. There is split zoning in the Rolesville portion; part of the tract is in the Residential 1 (R-1) district and the remainder is in the Residential 40 Watershed (R40W) district.

MA 18-01 (Approved) - Town Board of Commissioners approved the Map Amendment (Rezoning) request of 7.10 acres from R-1 to R-2 District under the UDO on 2018-06-05

S 18-02 aka PR 18-02 - Preliminary Subdivision plat for a conservation subdivision under Section 6.3 of the Rolesville Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  The proposed subdivision consists of 96 residential single-family lots located on 171.53 acres zoned R2 and R40W (R40W rezoned to R2 upon release of land from the watershed overlay). On June 16, 2020, the Town Board unanimously approved Agenda Item C.3 for PR 18-02 after holding a Quasi-Judicial Hearing.  The Evidentiary Hearing Finding of Fact and Conclusions of Law, including Conditions of approval, was recorded on 08/11/2020 as Bk018011 / Pg2658-2662.

A 20-01 (Approved) - Voluntary Annexation of a 113.11 acre portion of the property located at 410 west Young Street into Rolesville Town Limits. It was approved by the Town Board of Commissioners on 03-17-2020.  Resolution __tbd____  was recorded as BK_____ / PG______ (to be completed by Town Staff).. 

CD 20-02 (Approved) - Subdivision infrastructure Construction Drawings, Approved (signed/dated) on 2020-09-09 by TOR Planning Director; see uploaded files.

Development Agreement (Approved) - A Development Agreement between Town of Rolesville and developer regarding a future Jones Dairy Road Extension / Alternative.  The Town Board of Commissioners Approved the agreement on _tbd_____  and it was recorded 2020-09-24 as Bk18091_Pg0367-0388. 

FP 20-04 (RECORDED) - A Final Plat (recording) for Phase 1, Lots 1-34, 36-41, creating 65 40 residential lots. It was recorded on 11/23/2021 as BM2021/pg2067-2081; a Map of Correction was later recorded on 12/21/2021 as BM2021/PG2282-2296.

Watershed Overlay Removal (APPROVED/COMPLETED) - Applicant developed 7.52 acres to regrade the land so that it no longer drains into the Little River Watershed, but rather drains into the Smith Creek watershed.  In a Letter dated 2021-08-04, the State of North Carolina approved this removal of land from the Little River water supply watershed protection boundary.

FP 22-01 (RECORDED) - A Final Plat (recording) for Phase 1B, Lots 35, 42-68, and 70-75, being 34 residential lots on 22.6778 acres.   Recorded on 04/01/2022 as BM2022/Pg620-625.

FP 21-19 (RECORDED) - A Final Plat (recording) to create a fence easement on an HOA lot. Recorded on 4/12/2022 as BM2022/pg694-695. 

FP 21-10 (RECORDED) - A Final Plat (recording) for Phase 2A, Lots 69, and 76-96, being 22 residential lots.  Recorded on 07/28/2022 as BM2022/Pg1381-1387

FP 22-14 (RECORDED) - A Final Plat (recording) to relocate sidewalk easement from lots 63-69 to lots 70-76 and relocate City of Raleigh utility easement on lots 70-76 within Phases 1B and 2A of Chandler's Ridge.  Recorded on 10/06/2022 as BM2022/Pg1823-1824


Wright-Whitley Development, LLC
1125 N White St.
Wake Forest, NC 27588

Engineering Firm

Bateman Civil Survey Company
2524 Reliance Ave.
Apex, NC 27539


MA 18-01 - Rezoning 7.10 ac R-1 to R-2
Jones Dairy Road Extension Thoroughfare Plan
ANX 20-01 - Voluntary Annexation
FP 22-01 - Chandler's Ridge Phase 1B - RECORDED
FP 21-19 - HOA Easement Final Plat - RECORDED
FP 21-10 - Final Plat Phase 2A - RECORDED
FP 22-14 - Sidewalk/Utility Relocation - RECORDED

Project Updates

Preliminary Subdivision Plat Approved
Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Board of Commissioners voted to approve PR 18-02 Chandlers Ridge Preliminary Subdivision Plat on June 16, 2020. 

Neighborhood Meeting Scheduled for June 25, 2019
Friday, June 14, 2019

Wright-Whitley Development will hold a neighborhood meeting for Chandlers Ridge on June 25, 2019. The meeting will be at Town Hall, 502 Southtown Cir., Rolesville, NC 27571. It will start at 7 p.m.